Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Worlds Clumsiest Fight.

Game night, and the party completed the dungeon (all except one friend who couldn't make it. It was suggested I take on his role but I just decided for an unexplicable reason he wasn't there) and defeated the guy at the end. It went well.

The party managed to set fire to a room filled with dry rags and two giant moths (it started as one moth which Multiplies on attack). Elisa (our thief) decided to set fire to one which then began bumping round the round. Crackly, smokey fun ensued.

There then followed a massively clumsy fight with three Skellingtons, with all sides swinging their swords about and missing each other. It ended with a magnificent spear chuck by Grumlore the Barbarian as one Skellington ran to escape, pinning him to the ground. Actually, despite the previous farce of a fight, Grumlore is pretty effective at killing things. He literally squashed a Skellington in a later battle and sliced a Skellington Chef in two.

It ended nicely, with all the prisoners being released and the main foe being killed. All the party suffered at his hands, but they just about pulled it off.

I'm excited because now this first dungeon is behind them, they can now go out and explore the world I'm putting together for them.

What I learnt.

It seems I becoming the sort of GM who is enjoys the role-play rather than the dice roll. If a PC tries to pull of something that should be completely dictated by a dice roll or correct round play, I'd much rather them just go for it for dramatic purposes and an exciting game.
Saying that, I enjoy rolling dice for fights. I try to get through this as quickly as possible as it makes for a more dramatic and fun fight. Again, I have a feeling I skipped a few rules but no-one complained.
I also really need a better way of keeping track of stuff, and making sure I have everything to hand.
I really enjoyed the night and came home with my head buzzing with stuff.

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