Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Cellar Exploration

Last was the first RPG night for about ten or fifteen years. Overall I think it went pretty well.
We didn't get very far into the adventure, and probably spent about half an hour or so rolling up characters, but once we started it was enjoyable.

Things Of Note
I think my spell-caster may become a functioning alcoholic. He became very interested in the old bottles I had placed in one part of the cellar they were exploring and threw a few into his backpack, along with two bottles he had already purchased. He kept swigging from the bottle, so I'm going to keep an eye on it. If he has too much it might start effecting rolls. How many swigs in a bottle of wine anyway?

Things which I had just written in quickly suddenly became really important to the players, even though they were just throw away to me. I had forgotten that. I suppose I was so focused on what was happening in the dungeon, the back story and what's going to appear in the rooms I wasn't expecting to be asked by the PCs what the walls felt like, was it cold, etc.... I had to make that stuff up on the fly.

I need to watch what I'm doing and not get excited when the PCs are going in the direction I want them to, and not get all Railroady when they don't. It's entirely down to them what to do and I need to act non-plussed about whatever they want to do.

The next session is planned for two weeks time, which is great because I can now tinker with parts of the dungeon and flesh it out a little more. I can also start to think about expanding the world they're playing in, so if they do make it out, they will have something to do.

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