Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Lets meet the Gods! Brabb.

Brabb, The God of Alcohol.
Symbol: Empty Glass or Bottle
Patron saint of Inn Keepers.

Whilst there are a million and one small gods related to Beer, Cider, Wine, Hops, Grapes, etc… Brabb is closely related to alcohol in general. He is often represented as a red faced, large bellied, slightly disheveled character; something his followers have taken to heart. This makes them easy to recognise in Inns, Hostelries or gutters.
'Getting Brabbed' has fallen into common parlance, along with other such phrases such as 'I was out chasing Brabb last night', 'Brabb helped me home last night' and the less pleasant 'she was Blessed by Brabb' often used by un-gallant swines when describing drunken conquests.

Feast of Brabb
On the first day of this festival, Inns open their doors at midday and let people drink for free. Vast amounts of alcohol is consumed and the day usually ends in chaos. At midnight, till midnight the following day, not a drop of alcohol is allowed to be consumed or sold. Many Inn Keepers take this day off.

Followers of Brabb.
People tend to end up following Brabb by accident, but there are a few who do follow his teachings (The Book of Brabb is largely an incoherent ramble of stream of conscious mumblings that has not yet been properly deciphered) and choose to worship him by drinking large amounts of alcohol and falling over, safe in the knowledge that Brabb will keep them safe. Magic-Users who have Brabb as there Patron actually get better at spells the drunker they are.


As I said in my previous post, my Spell Caster seems to be a big fan of the alcohol and I thought this might be an entertaining source of his power. It's also given me my first Deity, which is handy.

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