Thursday, 22 August 2013

What the hell is that?. 1.Skellington.

Despite looking like re-animated skeletons, Skellingtons are in fact their own species. Usually clad in whatever they've found lying around, their one unifying feature is their large, skeletal head with two tiny eyes buried deep within the eye socket cavities.
Skellingtons are not very bright (it's thought that their brains are tiny)and their instinct is to attack (often head first) if suprised or encounted.
No one is quite sure where they come from, but they usually show up in dungeons and graveyards, anywhere where rats are in plentiful supply. Signs of Skellington habitation is smalls piles of rat bones laying around. They're also fond of Silver, however they don't spend it on anything but they do like to eat it. Skellington feces is something to behold. They can obey simpler commands and are often used by those not wanting to spend the money on getting in intelligent guards.

AC: 6
HD: 1d8
Move: 90'
Attack: 1 (weapon) + Special
Dmg: Weapon (1d8 special)
Save as: Normal Man.

If Skellingtons are suprised, their first instinct is to charge head first at their attacker with their thick, boney heads.

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